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Stuff You Should Care About!

Number one above all, SAFETY! 

 -  Not only are you paying for an awesome performance, you're paying for safety and insurance. This is all inclusive in my pricing. This is FIRE which is naturally a dangerous element and should be respected by all. I do NOT encourage people to try these dangerous acts at home. 

 -  Specialty insurance is provided! As like all insurance, this is a costly expense. So pricing is adjusted appropriately as it should be.

 -  RESPECT THE PERFORMER(S) What does this mean? To ensure that the performers are safe as well as the audience, there needs to be appropriate spacing and for the guests to never approach the performer on their own. There are times when interaction is involved controlled only by performer. 

 -  Performers will always have fire safety assistants. They are paid as well to ensure safety for all people involved in and around the performances. They are the ones quick to action in times of incident and emergency. They are always carrying an extinguisher and safety blanket. 


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